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Review Euroguidance Conference 2015

WHO FAILS? - WHAT WORKS? A different view on educational disadvantage and school dropout as well as possible solutions through guidance

3 November, 2015 | Kardinal König Haus | Kardinal König Platz | 1130 Vienna

Early school leaving (ESL) poses challenges on individual and social levels, with long-term consequences and high subsequent costs. Comprehensive approaches to tackle early school leaving therefore focus on the entire educational career, ideally comprising the intertwining of preventive, interventional and compensatory measures.

The aim of the 2015 Euroguidance conference was to highlight the structural causes of educational disadvantage and early school leaving as well as the challenges associated with the transition between school and work.

A key factor for the prevention of early school leaving is a strong and well-developed guidance system. Providing early information, advice and orientation to students and parents forms the basis for informed decision-making with regard to educational and employment choices. Next to the plenary discussion, five parallel workshops were held, in which successful solutions regarding the prevention and compensation of early school leaving were discussed and methods were examined.

A market place provided the opportunity to find out more about European and national projects as well as guidance services and for networking.

Euroguidance Fachtagung 2015
WHO FAILS? - WHAT WORKS? A different view on educational disadvantage and school dropout as well as possible solutions through guidance

A printed version of the conference can be ordered from Euroguidance Austria.