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Review Euroguidance Cross Border Seminar 2015


"Guidance crossing borders"

Seminar: 9 -10 June, 2015 | Retz, Austria
Field trip: 8 June, 2015 | Czech Republic

With increasing merging of Europe, the field of educational guidance operates to a greater extent across national borders. The tenth Euroguidance  Cross Border Seminar, 9th-10th June in Retz/Lower Austria, was themed "Guidance Crossing Borders" and was concentrating on all the different ways, in which educational and vocational counselling crosses various traditional boundaries in Europe.

enter Nina Ahlroos, Guidance expert at go here Euroguidance Sweden, and Tibor Bors Borbely-Pecze, Hungarian senior consultant of the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, were taking a look at various chances and challenges concerning educational counselling, which result from the crossing of borders.

follow site Thematic workshops, a panel discussion and a field trip to Brno, CZ, were leaving room for professional debates and discussions among the participants. 81 Guidance experts from all over Europe were attending the seminar, which was conducted under Austrian direction and with the help of both founding countries Czech Republic and Slovakia due to the 10 year anniversary.

A report of the seminar can be ordered here and downloaded here.

go to site Workshops:

watch Field Trip Brno

follow link History of Euroguidance Cross Border Seminars:

To reinforce networking and the exchange of educational and vocational counsellors in the border region, Euroguidance centres in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria brought the first Euroguidance Cross Border Seminar into being. It took place in 2005 in Brnz/CZ. In the following years the number of participants has risen continually, so that in 2015 it was able to offer workshops with experts from nine countries (besides the founding countries also Germany, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Poland). Furthermore, people from Turkey and Cyprus were participating.